Special Terms of Sale

Billing is based on Lines in advance and calls in arrears, if the service change over occurs during a month the first bill may appear higher than normal due to the additional days or weeks.

Please also note that the first bill may indicate services such as OCB Int + PRS (blocking of international and Premium Services) etc, and if no longer, required the services can be removed. Please note that unless stated and agreed, early termination charges by your current telecommunication service's provider will need to be levied if charged at time of line conversions. BT charges apply as per quotation.

Prices are valid for 30 days and includes delivery, installation, programming, first years maintenance, all liaison with BT/other networks on your behalf and full staff training.

Some prices are Licensed based and may vary subject to final requirements.

45% Deposit on order for cash sales and lease deals are based on an initial double payment.

Installation charges are based on an uninterrupted schedule of work.

KOG System Ltd Standard Terms & Conditions Apply

All orders are subject to site survey and final technical acceptance. 

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